We have a good range of sporting activities going on at the Club on a regular basis.


Thank you to all the members who support the snooker competitions. The 2018-19 winners were as follows:

Open Singles: M.Upton

Handicap Singles: M.Upton

Handicap Pairs: M.Upton,P Harrington

We have fantastic snooker facilities here at the Wallaseyans’ Club. We have four full size tables that are maintained by Thurston’s of Liverpool. All four tables have recently had new clothes fitted. Last year we boarded the snooker room windows in order to improve security and room temperature. During this winter it was much warmer in the room and there was no need to deploy expensive electrical heaters, thus saving on our energy bills. This year we replaced the 100 watt lamps that light the tables with low energy LED 4watt lamps that each give out 150 watts of light. The tables are now much brighter but far less expensive to run. Also, this year we have had the pool table refurbished with new cushions and cloth and replaced the old warn balls with new numbered balls engraved with spots and stripes. Finally, I would like to thank all the members who use our snooker facilities and in doing so make them one of the great successes of the Wallaseyans’ Club.

The Club also organises annual Bowling competitions.

Please call the Club if you wish to find out more !